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  1. Hey guys!

    I am an RN on medicine unit- I graduated in April, so I am still very new I never really enjoyed bedside nursing as a student and still don't like it very much :/ I was planning on going into public health right after graduation because I loved my preceptorship experience there but I was disappointed to hear that casuals barely get any shifts... (<3 a month). So I applied for a new grad program and got into acute care. However, I still think about going into public health so I've been looking at job postings but it looks like they all want at least 6 months of public health or 1 year of maternity/pediatrics experience. When I look at job postings for mat/peds, they also ask for 1 year of mat/ped exp so I don't understand how I am suppose to make my way! I could apply for a sponsorship program that is being offered by my health authority, but it requires 1-2 yrs of clinical experience I am so lost...

    Can anyone help me, please!
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  3. by   dishes
    Focus on where you are in your career, your goal should be to improve skills as a bedside nurse over the next two years. While working on the medicine unit, look into the public health volunteer positions (they are not nursing positions, usually some type of clerical or greeter position but it will help your resume stand out if you have volunteer community experience). Take courses, review best practice guidelines, attend workshops on public health topics such as; needle exchange program, tobacco free, shelters, hoarding etc.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Are you full or part time?

    If part time, apply for the flu season vaccination clinics, they fall under public health. Casual hours are a good way to find outvifvyoublikecthe environment.

    If full time, in flu season volunteer when the call goes out to participate in vaccinating staff and patients.