Where's The Bottle?

  1. I read somewhere about a rookie paramedic, an 18 yr. old boy who was working with an ambulance crew during the summer. They were called to pick up a lady who had slipped and fallen while carrying a large glass jar in the grocery store. Her hands were badly lacerated, so they arranged to transport both her and her infant to hospital.

    Part way there the infant starts to wail. The paramedic's efforts at comforting him were to no avail. "He's hungry," his mom said, addressing the young paramedic. "Can you help me feed him? I can't do very much with my hands bandaged up."

    "Sure," said the young man. "Where's his bottle?"

    "Uh, he's not on the bottle...!"

    The young, red-faced paramedic spent most of
    the rest of the trip staring at the ambulance ceiling while the baby sucked happily away at his mom's breast!
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