What is your "What Was That???" moment?

  1. As nurses, we have seen and heard it all. Or so we thought. What is your "What Was That???" moment as a nurse?
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  3. by   Zyprexa
    Once had a patient walk into another patient's room and urinate on them. And this was prior to working in psych.
  4. by   PK_ICU RN
    A pt told me he was taking Viagra for chest pain.
  5. by   NurseSpeedy
    Had a drug seeking patient try to have an argument with me about how Norco/Vicodin/Hydrocodone/Lortab are not the same drugs and didn't want Lortab because it "didn't do sh&$" and she wanted Norco....their the same medication honey and you'll be getting the generic version with your insurance.
    She kept on ranting about the script. Speech slurred because she had been on a bunch of Dilaudid (I was actually stunned that she wasn't insisting on a script for THAT one). I finally just put the words in the google search bar on my phone and showed her the results and stated, "There. They are the same thing. I'm not having this argument. Here is your script for whatever you would like to call it". She was irritating.
  6. by   NurseSpeedy
    Just the other day I had an isolation patient reach over and quickly rub the back of my scrub shirt and say "Can I FEEL you? I like the material". I jumped back a little to get away and said, "They're antimicrobial". The lovely smurf suit doesn't cover all of our uniform
  7. by   Fmr_RNBSN
    Once had a patient's husband ask me whether he could use "Listerine" to wash his newborn's mouth out, to get rid of the milk smell.

    (I was working in L&D at the time.)