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  1. by   nursefrances
    Whenever I have a patient scheduled for chest percussion I call up to the monitor tech and give them a heads up.
  2. by   Biffbradford
    Quote from suanna
    I'm thinking a good 300j defib would help point out to this patient how much fun his little joke was. Not an option, too bad. You took it in better grace than I would have. It would be fun to point out to the patient that another patient had thier IV infiltrate while you were enjoying his little joke and now was going to loose his arm- a shame you were so busy with his v-tach....
    Agreed. Nice little joke, tell him "'Good one' ... but don't ever do that again!!"

    Once had a pt sitting in a chair brushing his teeth .... monitor = VTACH.

    Artifact .... right?