1. I was assisting a Urologist after he had performed a TURP on an elderly gentleman. The patient had made a comment regarding the size of his swollen penis, and the Urologist in a "cocky" retort stated "You know I charge double if the swelling doesn't go down". The truly funny thing about this was, the patient looked up at him very somberly and simply stated "Really"?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Caring for many TURP patients...I'll pass that one on.
  4. by   sharann
    What a creepy doc.
  5. by   Swedish KIWI

    This is a awful true story that happend to my nursing friend.
    This friend was working in a acute psychiatric ward and on this day he was locked in a seclusion area with a few patients. On this morning my friend was suffering from a hangover.He was sitting down and closed his eyes for a few moments. As he was closing his eyes he yaned. With his eyes closed and his mouth open he felt someting in his mouth. One of the psychotic patients had put their hands in his mouth and unfortunatley they were coverd in ****.
    Understandably my friend vomited and tried to get out of the seclusion room. He dropped his keys and panicked as the taste and smell of vomit and **** got too much. He banged on the door until one of the other staff noticed and let him out.

    Now thats another reason not to drink alcohol