Triage's Christmas song: Holly Jolly Hospital

  1. Have a holly jolly Christmas
    Its the best time of the year...
    But I don't know, by census isn't low
    So everyone lend an ear...

    See you have to play it safe now
    And do not do stupid things
    So heres some advice, and play real nice
    and stay out of my ER please!

    No no on hanging mistletoe on ceiling fans that are on,
    Or climbing on icy rooftops please,
    or drinking till you can't see...

    And some more advice from us nurses
    No shoveling snow with heart history
    Stop driving on ice
    Treat your own darn lice
    and avoid giving others your cold.

    Wash your hands religiously
    Sneeze into your jacket please.
    Watch out for the kitchen knifes
    And no candles on that tree!

    So have a safe and happy Christmas
    I don't mean to be a nursie grinch...
    But oh my golly have a holly jolly
    NON HOSPITAL Christmas this year!!!!!!!
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