Too funny not to tell

  1. This past summer, we had a community yard sale at a neighbors house. My kids had decided to be little entreprenuers and sell lemonade and wash cars to try and raise a little money for themselves. They started out with a bright yellow poster board with "LEMONADE - 50 CENTS". By about 11 that morning, tired of staying in one spot for long, and getting agitated and hot, my four year old approached me and asked me if they could just drink the rest so they could go to play. I said yes, but was also involved in conversation with my neighbor who was sitting in a lawnchair beside me. I proceeded to tell my neighbor that I would be free after 5 that afternoon to go shopping with her. (To spend our yardsale money of course!) Next thing I know, there are people standing at the end of the drive, laughing and looking at us hysterically. My neighbor and I walked to the end of the drive, and was mortified to see written on the opposite side of the bright yellow lemonade poster, "Free woman after 5". My 4 yr old had ran and relayed the wrong message to the older kids, and I suppose they thought they were helping us out by advertising!
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