Thought you all might appreciate this...

  1. Found this on the nurses station counter the other day. It's alittle late, but it's still funny. Enjoy!

    Dashing down the halls, a stretcher in my way,
    I heard someone call, a nurse in room 4-A.
    The lab is on the phone, the charts are stacked galore,
    I go into my patient's room and he is on the floor! Ohhhh

    Jingle Bells, jingle bells, much to my dismay,
    I am stuck at work again 12 hours on Christmas Day!
    Jingle Bells, jingle bells, Christmas go away,
    This is just not my idea of a happy holiday

    A day or two ago, I thought I'd call in sick,
    Just spend my Christmas Day at home,
    Now wouldn't that be slick?
    But as the time grew near, the guilt set in so fast,
    I came to work and should have known
    that nice guys finish last! Ohhhhh

    Jingle Bells, jingle bells Oh my aching back!
    This could drive me crazy or give me a heart attack...
    Jingle Bells, jingle bells, I don't hear them ring,
    Christmas is no fun this year, I wish that it were spring!!!

    Another patient said when I answered her call light,
    "Would you please check my bed? It doesn't seem just right."
    I took a closer look, I don't like this one bit,
    She had a dose of Milk of Mag, and now she's full of !#?*!!! Ohhh

    Jingle Bells, jingle bells I don't mean to ******,
    I would not be here today if I had married rich.
    Jingle Bells, jingle bells blast the mistletoe!
    This will be the death of me, an awful way to go...

    "O, honey you're so sweet, to take such care of me,
    These nurses can't be beat, you're all so good you see."
    If what she says is true, before my song is sung,
    One consolation that I have---the good they say die young! Ohhh

    Jingle bells, Jingle bells---Santa I'm so sad,
    To be here on this Christmas Day it makes me oh so mad.
    Jingle bells, jingle bells next year I hope I'm off,
    Cuz if I'm not, I'll be a snot and make that one phone call!
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  3. by   leesonlpn
    Night Owl - excellent. I shall use it for this xmas's literary contribution. After seven years, I finally have this xmas off.What's so amazing about it is how it finally turned up in my rotation. I don't go to church, I sometimes scratch an' itch' quickly in the jam isle, I don't swear, but sometimes think it, I park in handicap when I'm late for work and just drag my leg up to the floor in case anyone is looking, I throw marbles at the neighbours cat for pouncing on my bird feeders, and try to pass outdated coupons feigning surprise when they are checked. What's my point? There definitely is a god, and he isn't all that disappointed with me.