The young doctor and his wife

  1. A young country woman was asked for her hand in marriage by a rather cranky newly-graduated doctor. She expressed her strong reservations about marrying this young man, and elicited from him the promise that he would never be rude to nurses, arrogant with Administration...and that he would never be short or mean to patient family members. When he agreed, she said she would marry him.
    On their wedding night, his bride told him, "I only have one thing to ask of you. I want you to promise that you will never look under the bed." The young doctor agreed and they went on to enjoy 50 years of marriage.

    On their 50th wedding anniversary, the physician couldn't stand it any more. While his wife was doing her chores, he sneaked a peek under the bed. What he saw gave him a big surprise. There was a little basket with three eggs in it. Next to the basket was a large pile of money. He hastily counted it and discovered that it was close to $10,000.

    When his wife came in, he had to confess his indiscretion. He rather sheepishly told her that after all these years he couldn't stand it anymore and had finally looked under the bed - finding three eggs in a basket and $10,000 in cash. Although he felt bad for looking, he did, however, want an explanation.

    Now his wife of fifty years was the one looking rather sheepish. She said, "Well, every time I hear that you've been rude to a nurse or mean to someone at work, I put one egg in the basket." (He thought that this didn't sound too bad, since there were only three eggs under the bed) However, his wife continued with: "...and as soon as I get a dozen, I sell them!"

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  3. by   jnette
    Cute. ALthough I had heard a quite DIFFERENT version of this one before... heh... :chuckle
  4. by   Dave ARNP
    And you haven't told us the different version, WHY?
    ::evil grin::