Robin of Sherwood...not!

  1. Never mind the movie travesty.
    As the REAL Robin Hood, having led a happy life with his true love Marian, lay in his bed near life's end, he called her to him and asked for his hunting horn. With his fading breath he managed a final blast, before lying back exhausted by the effort. His labour was not in vain since down in the valley below, his faithful friend Little John heard the familiar sound, and ran to Robin's aid.
    On Robin's faint instructions, he fulfilled his last request, opening the turret window and collecting up Robin's trusty longbow and an arrow, he assisted his ailing leader to sit up on his deathbed and take aim. "Promise me, John, my good and loyal friend, wherever this last arrow shall land, so will you lay me to rest!" he whispered.
    "Yes, my Lord, wherever!" replied John. Without further ado, Robin drew painfully back on his last arrow, with his fast ebbing strength, and loosed it, falling back, dead!

    And having promised, they buried him on top of the wardrobe!
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