One shoe on one shoe off

  1. When I was working as a CNA I had just emptied an pts ileostomy into a basin and sat it on the floor (shouldn't have done that). I reclamped the bag and helped her get situated in bed. When I turned around to retrieve the basin to empty it I stepped directly in it with my foot, completely covering my shoe, with foul liquid stool. I hobbled to the garbage can and peeled off my shoe and sock and proceeded to dump them in the bag. Garbage bag in tow I walked with one shoe off to the nurses station and told my nurse that I needed to make a quick trip back to the laundry. She asked why, I told her and then showed her the bag the contained my stool covered shoe. She burst into laughter and told me to go right ahead.
    I made my way out to laundry still with only one shoe on and knocked on the door. One of the laundry workers, who I was friendly with opened the door and asked if she could help me. I explained my situation to her and she also laughed. She told me that she could bleach it for me. I told her to do whatever it was that she needed to, and that I just wanted the poop off of my shoe.
    So for over 1.5 hrs while she was taking care of my shoe and I walked around work with a shoe on one foot and a bright red no- slip sock on the other. Thankfully surveyors were not in the building at that time. That would have been interesting to explain.
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  3. by   GN Dave
    LOL... Always, always, always keep an extra set of scrubs and an extra pair of shoes and socks in your locker! Now you know... :lol_hitti