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Anyone have any funny nursing school stories from their past? I had to change an IV bag and went in with my instructor to do so. My instructor always made me nervous but I was determined to... Read More

  1. by   icyounurse
    when i was in nursing school, i definantly had some awkward moments.heres a couple i remember from school
    1. i was told to get a u/a from a pt with a foley, when i asked how i was told "just draw from the port." so i drew a curiously clear sample, only i drew it from the balloon port! to make matters so much more humiliating, the pt's daughter was in the room, and yes, she was an rn with 10 plus years of experiance! she was very nice about it, were able to reinflate the balloon and save the catheter, but i'm sure she wondered about the care she was leaving her father in!
    2. a girl i went to school with was supposed to get a stool sample, she didn't know you only need a little stool. so she packs the little container to the top with stool and sticks the lid on and tubes it to lab. we were told it exploded from the gas buildup in the lab. we had a good laugh and learned a good lesson. now all stool specimens must be walked to the lab.
  2. by   blue heron
    On Peds, I was doing the admit on a baby, and she was called down to X-ray, so my instructor told me to go along, and do what paper work I could during the waiting. Babe already had an IV, so off we went, mom, baby, big sister, the pump and me. We got to the elevator, and the pump starts beeping, and I don't have a clue what to do to make it shut up! and I'm SO nervous because the mom is a peds RN, one of the best. She relizes my problem, and teaches me how to work this pump-absolute class-and I just wanted to die!!! :imbar She was so kind, so I settled down and the rest of the shift was fine.

    Then a couple weeks ago, (now I'm on sug) my instructor calls me, and I see her and an RN standing by the med cart. So I go over and instructor is holding a bottle of Humulin R out to me. I take it and start to say, 'insulin", when she says so and so Pt's guc was ___. I look rather blankly at her :stone , when the RN shows me the insulin administration record out and all of a sudden the LIGHT GOES ON It turns out I'm two and a half hours late with insulin!!! :uhoh21: The RN says ' we both missed it', she forgot too. We gave it imediately, and I found out from my instructor that it wasn't as critical THIS time, b/c this pt is on TPN, so no spikes and valleys, nor is he actually a diabetic. The insulin was being given because he has acute pancreatitis.
    It took me awhile to stop shaking!!! :uhoh21:

    Now I check the print out AND the divider in the MAR AND the purple section in the chart!!!!
  3. by   Gwailo
    I'm doin my pregrad and the other day while preparing a syringe to administer meds via tube, I was eliminating air when the plunger got stuck. All of a sudden the plunger freed itself and a large "wad" of water hit the ceiling like a bullet, bounced off of it and struck a doctor right on top of his bald head!

    He was very good about it and laughed.... I swear it wasn't on purpose!
  4. by   JessicRN
    Quote from traumaRUs
    Yep - you are so right. Another great one is (at least in the ER) we use pressure bags on our IVs sometimes so if you accidentally disconnect it - whew! - out it rushes!

    When I was a student I was giving blood and I was told to speed it up by adding a pressure device. I pumped it up to what I thought was the recommended pressure but the device was faulty and as a result I pumped it up too much and the bag exploded. I felt so bag everyone in the room looked like a war victim. (this was the days before AIDS ) Then everyone just exploded in laughter including the patient thank god
  5. by   dknunges
    Quote from mcmike55
    Great student nurse stories. It sure brings back memories!! :wink2:
    I am rather new to the forum, but let me add a couple of tales.
    The first one is on me.
    I was passing meds for one of the first times on a med/surg unit. I guess I was soooo up tight about the 5 rights and all that I wasn't thinking. On the med sheet, it said "crush meds". So I did. (can you see where this is going)
    I held out this spoon full of powder to this poor old man with the intent of literally shoving down his throat dry!!! He wasn't that senile. He looked at me, then at the spoon, then at me again, and blew the contents of the spoon (lasix and dig. among others) right into my face!!! No one said, "mix the crushed meds in apple sauce".
    Second story, one of my class mates, I believe. The order read, take out half of the skin staples. She did. The top half!! After returning the pt from surgery for a dehis. it was explained to her.
    And last. A SN was told to change the gown on her pt, who had an IV. Your have to know, this was before those new gowns with the snaps on the shoulders. Anyway, without any problem she worked the gown up and over all the tubing, then the bag and continued with the gown down the pole to the base. She was found sitting on the floor, trying to figure out how to get the gown over the base and wheels.
    My daughter is now in her first quarter of nursing school. I hope she and others can enjoy and learn from our "incidents".
    If not, I hope they share them so we all can get a good laugh!!
    Thanks for sharing, I laughed so hard I was crying. I can just picture it!
  6. by   dknunges
    I had just graduated from school and was was working nights on OB/GYN Surgical floor. It must have been close to midnight, patient were settled for the night. I was in med room with a couple of co-workers and were talking about anything and everything while I was preparing to spike a new bottle of Procalamine. I took the bottle off of the cart and was talking and looking at my co-worker at the same time I was setting the bottle on the counter to spike and prime the tubing. Well you guessed it, I missed the counter and that glass bottle hit the floor and exploded. It sounded like a cannon it was so loud. I think every call light on the floor went on at the same time, all phone lines started ringing and nurses came running down from the other end. All this to see what that big boom was. We all got a good laugh about it, but you can bet from then on I paid attention to what I was doing.
    PS The night went down hill from there
  7. by   xmaxiex
    On my first cath experience I was being watched by my instructor and three classmates. Everything went perfectly and I was as proud as a peacock . However I had never fixed the other end of the foley into the specimen container but instead it was facing my instructor and proceeded to splash her . Needless to say the students enjoyed the spectacle.
  8. by   cathy2005
    i had to give pt care wash pt up no promblem?well shes on heavy side and i lift under neath her breast she screamed ouch whats wrong i asked she said i slaped her in the face with her own breast :chuckle
  9. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from jabber964
    anyone have any funny nursing school stories from their past?

    i had to change an iv bag and went in with my instructor to do so. my instructor always made me nervous but i was determined to remain confident and do the wasnt difficult. she proceeded to ask me what was in the bag and i told her normal saline. she told me "ok, go ahead" and stood back to watch. i proceeded to pull out the line to put it into the new bag, but didn't take it off the iv pole before doing so. i received a saline bath with the remaining fluid that was in the bag. my instructor ran to get a towel and we cleaned up the wet floor. she then asked me to step outside the room. i thought i was going to hear it. what i heard was her laughing and telling me that i had to laugh sometimes and "everyohne has a saline bath once and then it never happens again." i still don't believe her but its funny looking back now.
    at least yours was a saline bath. i've had two: tpn (which was bad enough) and blood. yuk!
  10. by   mandrews
    A friend of mine was asked by a little elderly man if he would assist him onto a bedpan. So he gets the little man on the bedpan and he grumbles about how uncomfortable he is then says, " son I think you got this thing a** backwards." Indeed it was and we had a good little snicker over that one.

  11. by   kat911
    I wasn't a student but just 2 years out of school, ages ago. I was mixing a bag of Lidocaine for a drip, I put the top edge in my teeth to hold it while I attached and flushed the line. I suddenly couldn't feel my lips, I began to freak when I realized what I had done.
  12. by   lebjanrn
    I was a nursing student in clinicals. I was taking care of a women and getting ready to discharge her. I was suppose to give this woman mylanta but the packaging was the same as the mom. I ended up giving this woman mom and she had diarrhea for the rest of the day. It was to late before I realized what drug error I made and had to tell my instructor, the pt , the doctor and write up an incident report. Now I can laugh , but then i just wanted to die, my instructor could have killed me. Janice
  13. by   EmilyCCRN
    My instructor let me borrow her personal Carpuject for my very first IV push last year in clinicals. I checked the "7 rights", gave the med over the correct period of time...everything went off without a hitch. I was so relieved that it was over that I quickly dropped the empty cartridge--still locked in my instructor's Carpuject--into the sharps container. :imbar I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing the instant I did it because I knew what I had done. She took it quite well, but I was so embarrassed!

    This one happened to my friend last year:

    After reading the patient's chart inside and out in preparation for clinical, my friend felt pretty confident when she walked into the lady's room to do her assessment and give her a bed bath. Pretty simple tasks, right? She had finished bathing the lady (breast area included), but when she pulled back the covers to do pericare she discovered that the lady had male genitalia! She tried not to let her shock show on her face, but the patient noticed her reaction and said, "I guess they didn't put in my chart that I'm in the process of becoming a woman." My friend was felt so bad for letting her surprise show through, but no--it was not listed anywhere in the patient's chart that she was a transsexual; she was simply listed as a female throughout the whole thing. Oops!