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  1. Hi there!!
    I'm in my 5th semester in the RN program...yaay, & I was wondering a little bit about what types of issues & problems new grads experience out there in the "real nursing world" ie. how to not become burned out, ways to deal with bosses, co-workers, & other stressor etc.
    Do nurses really "eat their young"???
    It's not that I doubting my choice to become a nurse, quite the opposite. Just curious about what others before me has experienced.
    I really appreciate any kind of answers!!
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  3. by   jrinsc
    Just be receptive and friendly...Dont act like you know it all, and hopefully things should go well.
    Remember...Ask..if you dont know or remember how to do something...we all learn new things every day.
    Take the initiative and be assertive
    and thank your preceptor..
    There are always stressors in our day.. Stop..take a deep breath, do the best that you can do. Thats all anyone can ask! Good luck!
  4. by   mishayla96
    I know you are wondering why I replied to this "old" post but since I will be where you were about 4 yrs ago someday (I am going to be starting school for my RN degree March 8th) I was wondering if you could tell me since your OP what you have encountered. YOU now know how to answer that question, about the "real nursing world" so I am asking you (and anyone else who feels like answering too of course)