Lost but not alone!

  1. One morning, one of my most experienced LPN's ( I'd put her up any RN any day, young or old!) went in to assess her dementia patient. This gentleman was someone who's demeanor would change day to day, even hour to hour at times - You could kinda tell how the day was going to go by the expression on his face when you walked in. Anyway, she tells him good morning and tries to have a casual conversation with him while assessing him. She finally asks, " So, can you tell me where you are right now?" The gentleman, who hadn't said much so far, looks at her for a moment and then just lit up as he said " You dont' know either?" This was a badly needed moment for an already stressed looking day for the floor. Since the gentleman was hard of hearing, his voice was loud as he said it and the whole floor broke out in laughter and smiles. These are the moments we live for!
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    LOL. Thanks for sharing.