Life, whats it all about?

  1. My first time at a joke. My mom was taking classes at the local CC and her teacher told the class this from the newspaper columnist he often reads:

    My mom's professor has been reading a newspaper column for some time now.
    "It is a psychology column, where people write in with any problem they are having in life and he responds. The latest time, a man writes to the newspaper columnist with the question,
    You've been listening and helping people solve their problems for so many years now, can you tell us what people's major problems are in life, kind of give us a summary of what life is about?

    So the columinst wrote in his next paper,

    This is what I've learned after all these years of listening and helping:
    -Poor people, they just want to get rich!
    -The people in the middle, they just want to be richer!
    -The people who are rich, they just want to be happier!
    -People who are single, they just want to get married!
    -People who are married, they just want to die."

    At this point, everyone in the class cracked up. I thought it was funny, kind of sad though. Enjoy : )
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