Layman's Medical Glossary

  1. artery: the study of fine paintings :chuckle
    barium: what you do when cpr fails
    benign: what you are after you be eight
    cesarean section: a district in rome
    colic: a sheep dog
    coma: a punctuation mark
    congenital: friendly
    dilate: to live long
    gi series: baseball games between teams of soldiers hangnail: a coat hook
    medical staff: a doctor's cane
    minor operation: coal digging
    morbid: a higher offer
    nitrate: lower than the day rate
    node: was aware of
    organic: church musician
    outpatient: a person who has fainted
    protein: in favor of young people
    secretion: hiding anything
    serology: study of english knighthood
    tumor: an extra pair
    urine: opposite of you're out
    varicose veins: veins which are very close together
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    Three women rub a magic lamp and a genie pops out and says, "You are each granted one wish." So the first woman says, "I'd like to be smarter." To that, the genie goes **POOF** "You're a cardiologist!" The second woman says, "I'd like to be 50% smarter than that!" The genie goes **POOF** "You're a neurosurgeon!" The third woman says, "Well, I'd like to be even 100% smarter than that!" The genie goes **POOF** "You're an RN!"
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    Pelvis---second cousin to Elvis

    Rectum--car accident with all involved vehicles totaled.

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