Labor and delivery nurse for a cocker spaniel......

  1. you know, until today i thought i had been asked to do just about everything imaginable for a nurse. often i gravitate between being excited at the prospect of eventually having to delivery some ones baby outside the hospital, and praying to high heaven that it just doesn't happen. a request from my dear sister, has, however, really overstepped my boundaries...her beloved cocker spaniel was due to deliver any time...i had recently accepted (and at first, didn't really want) and adopted her cat because it was bothering the beloved cocker spaniel . now, she was actually asking my opinion on her enciente dog....she thought her membranes had ruptured. now what should she do...just wait, i long??? i suggest she call the vet. she screams that i am the delivery nurse...i counter with the fact that i assist humans with birth. she counters with the fact that birth is birth and i am a mean sister for not being on call ( seriously, she really said that).....well, as i was on the way to work to, you guessed it, labor and delivery, i told her to relax-i would drop off the crate she had sent the cat in, on her doorstep after work so she would have it for the puppies...well, she wasn't home, so i left it and went home. tonight, mom calls to tell me that the dog had to have a csection! seems like one of the 7 pups (the biggest, of course) was transverse......this all happened before i got there to deliver the crate so the puppies had to come home in a laundry basket while the mother was in the back seat on a towel, which did not exactly inhibit her lochia from staining the seat of my sisters car...somehow, this is all my fault....families are beginning to expect way too much of their nurses...mother and babies are doing fine..."auntie" is doing fine. the labor and delivery nurse has not yet been invited to meet the gang...whats an older sister to do????
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  3. by   kids
    Run an ad for free puppies (and a cat).

    I doubt you would have been much help to the dog, animals just don't do what they are supposed to...when I was fresh out of school I was the attendee for my (first) cat delivery (the cats first too) I couldn't get her to keep her feet in the stirrups...wouldn't breathe when I told her to ...and ran and hid in the closet when I tried to check her progress. Ended up having them in my underwear drawer while I was at work the next day.

    Such was my career in L&D.
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    I was the attendee for my (first) cat delivery (the cats first too) I couldn't get her to keep her feet in the stirrups...wouldn't breathe when I told her to

  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Happy to know SOMEONE understands.... I STILL have not been invited over there.....
  6. by   Sable's mom
    I've worked OB for 25 years and PRAY that I'll never get called to help with my sister-in-law's dog - she breeds Borzois- but so far she has beem bright enough to know that I haven't a clue.
    Thank the Lord my family understands the difference between people and animals!!
    I did love the cat story - maybe I'll suggest the stirrups to Denise the next time she's delivering the pups.:chuckle
    Seriously, it sounds like you sister is a little nuts!:rolleyes
  7. by   mother/babyRN
    She IS a little nuts but she has her good points... (and at least SHE gets the vet bill ) I'm kind of scared to ask her just how much a canine c/s costs....I have yet to be invited to assess the new mothers post partum course...FINE WITH ME!
  8. by   mother/babyRN
    Here is the update...Still haven't been invited to meet the new brood, but enough pics arrived to temporarily crash the pc...Fixed now...Ok they are really cute spotted little guys (and girls)....
  9. by   Paris
    That does sound a little crazy. I don't think she should have expected you to know how to deal with that. As far as not inviting you over, don't wait for an invitation just go on over. Thats what I would do.
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    I think she was just nervous.....They are cute though...