It happened to a friend of a friend of mine..

  1. As nursing students, my friends are all very poor, and many earn a crust as carers in aged care places. One of these people is Anne, who although being 20, looks all of 14. She was working a few weekends ago, putting an elderly man into the shower and helping him out washing his feet and stuff, and all of a sudden he looked at her and said 'does your husband know you shower with other men for a living?'. The funny thing was, he wasn't being smart, that's just how it came out. The other thing was, she asked him why he thought she was married, and he told her she had to be, because 'they don't let virgins see naked men'.
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  3. by   talaxandra
    When she was a student she and an RN were in showering an elderly man - I have no idea why there were two of them in there. He'd dozed off, and woke up as they were squatting down drying his feet.
    The man opened his eyes, looked down at them, and said wearily "Oh, not tonight girls, I'm too tired."