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  1. just happened to stumble across this site researching.I am an RN & Midwife working in recovery in a Private Hosp, in Australia.
    What got me to register here? Well the jokes & stories of course! We all know how stressful our job can be some days, and it is wonderful to have a laugh at work. One story from my early days in nursing I gave a man a suppostitory pre op and asked him if he knew what to do with it, he replied yes, I came back a short time later to ask if it worked. Alas it has not, as the man had eaten it! I killed myself laughing.
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  3. by   Janet Barclay
    welcome Lell,
    I had a similar thing happen years ago when I was workin ENT. A very hard of hearing lady was preop that day and we left her with some acetone to take her nail polish off with. The nurse told her what to do and the lady nodded and smiled ever so sweetly. An hour or so later the nurse came back and found that the acetone was gone, but the lady still had nail polish on. She had not wanted to admit to the nurse that she hadn't heard her, so she gulped the acetone down like a shooter. Needless to say, the lady's OR was cancelled for that day. She was fine though, it was only a med cup full, good thing Sylvia hadn't left the bottle!
  4. by   Goofball
    When my nurse sister used to work in an obgyn clinic, she came up with some stories I thought maybe she made up. Once she said that this lady wasn't very happy when she was told she was pregnant again. So they asked her if she had been using the contraceptive foam the Dr. had recommended. And she said, "No, I ain't usin' that no more, it ruins my dentures."
  5. by   night owl
    welcome aboard lell!

    caught one of my patients in the veteran's hospital stuffing dates up his butt. when asked why he was doing that with those, he replied, "my son brought them to me so i can keep myself regular." needless to say, the son thought that he was eating them. just when you thought you've seen and heard it all...
  6. by   night owl
    i could go all night with stories of my va patients. here's another one...

    when i was a na just starting out in nursing, i decided one day that i was going to dye easter eggs with a few of the patients. i brought everything i needed and sat them all down at the table. each had a cup with a different color dye in front of them. when i turned around to give each of them an egg, each pt. had different color lips and an empty cup! i could have died myself!!! thank god i used non toxic dye... :d
  7. by   darby
    reply to nightowl,we have something in common good old va jokes or uncle sams slaves,this was in a locked psych ward in fort lyons,its closed now southeastern colorado,anyway the psych group was meeting for therapy, and i kept on waiting for the doc to get there,well time marched on and i told the man next to me what happened to the leader of our group,he politely grinned and saidIAM DR. PHIL,well i felt about 2 inches tall,embarassment was the understatement..........could of fooled is a bit of philosophy OLD NURSES NEVER DIE THEY JUST QUIT MAKING ROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THE OLD VA CENTERS LONG HALLS,TUNNELSIN THE BASEMENT,PLASTIC FOOD TRAYS,BRINGS BACK ALOT OF MEMORIES,Have you ever seen the movieARTICLE 39,YOU NEEDED TO LIVE AT THAT VA CENTER.......take care,darby.