Help Another Nurse Decide????

  1. GUESS YOU KNOW WHO I AM; but need your help?

    Know that I have found myself in a glove that doesn't fit????? You get my drift or you don't?????

    Don't know where I want to be when I am 90, but am 40 now, and need a little input.......even at the risk of being undercovered!!!!!!! THIS IS A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!!!!

    mean to try to load a poll????? to help me and maybe others gain insight as to career moves, but may be too computer illiterate for that??????? GIVE IT A TRY ANYWAY!!!!!!!
  2. Poll: NEED TO CHANGE????? OPTIONS????

    • SAME OLD:SAME OLD?????

      0% 0
    • ONCOLOGY?????

      33.33% 4
    • PULMONARY?????

      8.33% 1
    • MAYBE FLOAT POOL????? F/T, w/o unit games?????

      58.33% 7
    12 Votes
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    a just a nurse contemplating the nature of my career.....


  4. by   Jenny P
    Micro, if yo need to change your area of practice, it's always best to pick something you are interested in that you would see as a positive challenge; not something that would overwhelm you with frustration. What parts of nursing do YOU love or see as being interesting or something that would strike your fancy? When you figure this out, THAT is what you should go for.

    Good luck.
  5. by   fergus51
    If I had to switch, which I never will, I would go to oncology. In our unit the nurses actually have time to talk to their patients (GASP!) and the work seems very rewarding.
  6. by   micro
    probably will give myself away with the poll ???, but oh well!!!!!

    chuckles, thanks for the votes and replies. continue.

    Yes, am finding truly need to change unit and area of nursing!!!!! Many reasons, but not my battle to fight, and I need to find my work rewarding. love nursing too much!!!!!

    Areas of interest to me are oncology, pulmonary. Enjoy med/surg, but that is what I am doing currently. Unless I change to another campus within same org.

    Floating(with proper orient) would be of interest to me!!!!! As cliques and games that people play are at best tiresome to me!!!!!

    love being able to actually spend time with patients and being held in high regard for placing my emphasis of the patient is the focus of our care!!!!!

    lol to all,
  7. by   micro
    HEY, THANKS ALL FOR THE INPUT.......going with the 1%, will be starting on pulmonary unit very shortly.......Very thrilled and eager for challenge........It was like a door closing and that window opening up.............
    thx to all, micro