Gotta Love Mom

  1. Someone was passing this around work the other day and it made me smile...

    Stephanie was so happy. She was young, healthy, successful, and she was about to wed the man of her dreams. She was happily planning the wedding she had always fantasized about. Everything was falling into place perfectly. Nothing could get her down, not even her parent's recent nasty divorce.

    Just two weeks before the wedding, she was visiting with her mother when mom showed her the dress that she had bought to wear to Steph's wedding. The dress made her mother look twenty years younger and just radiant. Both were excited for the upcoming event.

    The next day, Stephanie was at her father's house, when his new, younger, beautiful wife modeled the dress that she had bought for the wedding. To her horror, Stephanie realized it was the same dress that her mother had bought, and her new step-mother looked ravishing in it. She told her step-mother the situation and begged her to wear a different dress. "After all," Stephanie told her, "you have so many beautiful clothes already that look great on you." But her step-mother refused, saying, "This dress makes me look fabulous. I'll be the envy of everyone there."

    Heartbroken, Stephanie went to her mother and told her about the dresses.
    Her mother told her not to worry. She would just buy a different dress to wear to the wedding. She said, "Sweetie, this is your day. It's only a dress."

    That weekend, Stephanie and her mother went shopping for a new outfit for mom to wear to the wedding. After her mother found a nice, albeit less fabulous dress to wear, they decided to go out to lunch together. As they were chatting over their entrees, Stephanie told her mother, "Thank you for being so great about all of this. But where is the other dress? I thought you were going to return it. There are no other special occassions coming up where you'll be able to wear such a fabulous dress."

    Her mother replied, "Oh, Darling, but there is. I'm going to wear it to the rehearsal dinner." :wink2:
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    Love It!!
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    Love It!!