Got any examples of intentional humor?

  1. Have you got any examples of humor that you used intentionally--either to strengthen a bond with a patient, doctor or coworker; or maybe to help a patient deal with pain? What did you do; and do you think it was effective or would you do it differently next time? :spin:
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    I always have the crotchety ol' geezer who's irate at having to spend another day in the hospital, but too ill to go home.

    "I want to go home!" he hollers. "I don't wanna be here!"

    I nod my head vigorously, "Well, that makes two of us! Anyone else wanna go home?"
  4. by   callmekipling
    I think most of what comes out of my mouth during any shift is going to be intended as humorous. Think about it - we're doing all sorts of unpleasant things to people! A little gallows humor helps you through the day.

    My catch-all is, "If we can't make it painless, at least we'll make it quick."

    Another good one is telling them you were sent by billing - especially handy when taking vital signs.. "Turns out we can't bill you if you're dead.."

    My usual intro is "Hi, I'm Jordan, and I'll be your nurse tech today. Nurse tech is a nice way to say I'm your errand boy."