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  1. A few years ago I had a nasty infection in my leg, requiring a surgery and A brief stay in the hospital for antibiotics. I was feeling rough! My surgery site required packing with wet to dry dressing. My day shift nurse was especially brutal when unpacking and packing the wound. I was very vocal about how mean she was being to me and screaming ow ow ow ow ow the entire dressing change, and she would tell me I was a sissy. (I knew she wasn't really being mean and I am a sissy) Every time she walked in the room I would groan and say "Oh NO! not you again!" or "help me she is here to kill me this time!!!!"And she would say something funny "like too much paperwork to kill you "back to me. We would go back and forth like this the whole shift. after 3-4 days I was being discharged and as I walked out of my room I saw about twenty people from the staff lining either side of the hall applauding my departure! I thought this was the funniest thing I had ever seen! I know I didn't hit the call light that much! Now that I am nearly a nurse, I can appreciate all the effort it took her to get all of those people together and lined up for the moment of my departure. I really did like her. She kept me on my toes!! Please tell any funny or different stories about things you have done or said to patients at discharge. (side note: Do nurses do this kind of thing regularly?)
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  3. by   JBudd
    Well, it wasn't during his discharge. Had a patient needed an IV, HIV pos., who kept giving his nurse a bad time about it. She was fairly new, had gotten a decent stick in his forearm but he kept screaming about how much it hurt, take it out and he'd let her stick him anywhere else but not there! She pulled it, and came for me.

    She had an Irish last name, when we went in he put on a fake Irish accent and asked if I had to save him from that crazy Irishwoman now. I looked at her, back to him, held up the angiocath and said "from my end of the needle, I can make this hurt." He looked shocked, stopped, held still, got his IV in, never said another thing about it. Brought me Godiva chocolates on his next admit. Asked me to take his ATM card and get cash for him, laughed his head off when I gave him back his slip of paper with the PIN number scratched out along with the cash and said "only you would do that". We got along pretty well!