Didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

  1. Another nurse on our team recently was covering for me while I was laid up with an injury. One of my patients passed away during the night, and the next morning, she visited the home to do post-mortem care, sign off the chart, etc. The visit was also to provide support for the wife of the deceased, a lady in her 60's. The couple had been quite close, and the wife had provided nearly all the husband's care until he passed away.

    She washed the body, and laid it out nicely, while the wife watched. The wife noticed her husband's feet were bare. "Why don't you put his socks on?" she said. "His feet will get cold!"

    The nurse exchanged glances with the doctor, who had come to sign the death certificate, both of them trying hard not to smile. She then went and got a pair of socks, and put them on his feet.
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