1. A woman goes into a pharamacy and goes directly to the pharmasist and askes for all the cyanide he has in stock!

    The pharmisist, very taken back asks her why she needed all the cyanide?

    " see," she said straighforwardly, "my husband is having an affair, and I am going to kill him!".

    Agast, the pharmasist tells her that he can not give her any cyanide, that that would be unethical, immoral and wrong. He also went off on her having to go to prision for murder, that he too would be an assessory to murder, and he really rather didn't want to go there!

    The woman then said "ohhhhh...well here then!" She reaches into her purse and pulls out what seemed to be a slip of paper.

    The slip of paper turned out to be a picture of her husband and the pharamasists wife!

    "Ohhhhh," cheerfully says they pharamasist, "I didn't realize you had a prescription!".

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  3. by   Antikigirl
    Okay too funny! My hubby went on the computer and saw I did a search for Cyanide...because I forgot how to spell it (okay I didn't have enough coffee on board yet and blanked out on the spelling...LOL!).

    So..I get this shaky voice saying "honey..why did you look up cyanide on the web??? I love you!"...LOL!!!!

    I told him the joke and that I put it here...not sure if it quells his mind though..LOL!!!!!!

    He is really being a cuddly guy today! LOL!!!!!