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  1. Hi Hotspam,
    Worth a smile, BUT...
    Nursing is not about doing tasks, we could probably train chimps to put in catheters. I would much rather have a nurse in my unit that can think critically, no matter their level of training than one who has put in 175 foleys and still can't tell me what's going on with the patients.
    just a thought...
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  3. by   RNed
    I had that supervisor !! Ha! Ha!

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  4. by   HotSpam

    This was a joke based on the way RNs and BSNs are perceived by LPNs who are taught the nuts and bolts and thrown out there.

    just a joke

  5. by   HotSpam
    Three brand new grads come to the hospital for a skills assessment before starting day 1 on the floor.

    There are three private kiosks each with a female patient to be cathed and a supervisor to rate technique.

    All three go in at the same time. After 3 minutes the lpn emerges having completed the task without cues.

    Five minutes later the adn emerges to join the lpn, having performed the procedure adequatly with a couple cues.

    After another five minutes the supervisor for the bsn pops here head out and asks the lpn to come show the bsn proper technique.

    --commentary welcomed--

  6. by   Heather27
    Well, personally, I thought it was hilarious. Thanks for sharin' that!! If we can't laugh, what do we have left??
  7. by   jamistlc
    Greetings ALL NURSES,

    I LOVED THE POST! REMEMBER THIS WAS JUST A JOKE! I too have had that supervisor and worked with the ADN too! He he

    I really have seen this! Once I had a situation with a 3rd years student nursing aid at a teching hospital it is on the boards here very similar problems.

    Thanks, I thought it was just me seeing these things that way!

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  9. by   Jason-ACNP
    That's is funny What's even more funny (to me) is that I was the BSN I was the source of entertainment in the CVICU my first three months out of nursing school... I couldn't make a bed to save my life.

    My first evaluation stated "Excellent knowledge base, but has serious issues with psychomotor skills". HA! I finally got the technique down however...a year later
  10. by   dragonLPN
    I loved it. The truth FINALLY comes out!
    Remember, everyone, humor is just as effective (and in some cases, more effective) as matter HOW many mg's Prozac are given.
  11. by   kennedyj
    The funny thing to add to this story was that upon entering the room the BSN assessed the situation and noted the patient was in cardiac arrest. The BSN initiated CPR, called a code, started a jugular line (no distal periph access avail), defibrillated x 3, and administered epi, atropine, lido. while the ADN and Lpn were taping their catheter and securing it to the bed, each strip of tape in perfect parallel according to the lippincott manual..

    Jared BSN, MSN student

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  12. by   panda_181
    You're too funny kennedyj!

    I am a BScN student...and I think I can relate to the joke...