A little Medical Terminology fun

  1. ARTERY: the study of paintings
    BACTERIA: the backdoor of a cafeteria
    BARIUM: what we do when patients die
    BOWEL: a letter like a, e, i, o, & u
    CESEREAN: a neighborhood in Rome
    CAT SCAN: searching for the neighbors cat
    CAUTERIZE: made eye contact
    COLIC: a sheep dog
    D & C: where Washington is
    DILATE: to live long
    ENEMA: not a friend
    FESTER: quicker
    GENITAL: not a Jew
    G.I. SERIES: military ball game
    HANGNAIL: coat hook
    IMPOTENT: distinguished, well know
    LABOR PAIN: getting hurt at work
    MAMMOGRAM: a telegram to your mama
    MEDICAL STAFF: a doctor's cane
    MORBID: a higher office
    NITRATES: cheaper than day rates
    NODE: was aware of
    OUTPATIENT: a patient who fainted
    PAPSMEAR: a fatherhood test
    POSTOPERATIVE: A letter carrier
    RECTUM: dang near killed 'em
    SEIZURE: Roman Emperor
    SONOGRAM: a telegram to your son
    TABLET: a small table
    TERMINAL ILLNESS: airport sickness
    TUMOR: more than one
    ULTRASOUND: a really loud noise
    URINE: opposite of "you're out"
    VARICOSE: nearly
    WEAK: 7 days
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