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    In order to avoid omissions and errors the procedure for admitting a patient to the Operating Room is often repetitious, tedious and annoying to the patient. One morning the nurse was admitting a young man of only seventeen years, and she was completing the final step of the checklist. When she got to the question "Did you have breakfast this morning?" he answered "No", because he went on to say, he never ate breakfast. She sent him to the OR to the anesthetist, who was not in a very amicable frame of mine.When the surgeon entered room the 'gas man' asked his usual question, "When did you last eat or drink?", different wording, but he had already been asked if he had eaten breakfast and had denied it. Everything was set to go, that is until the young man said "WELL, I HAD LEMON PIE AND A GLASS OF MILK AT FIVE O'CLOCK THIS MORNING!"
    A pregnant pause fell over the room!The nurse who had asked him about breakfast walked over and said "You told me you didn't eat breakfast!"
    "No, I didn't eat breakfast.I had a snack in the night!" he said.The room erupted, the nurse was wild, and the surgery was cancelled!After that the question was "When did you last eat or drink?"
    We just have to learn the hard way I guess!
    Bonnie J-Lowe,RN.

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  4. by   baseline
    uh Bonnie? I think we got it!!!
  5. by   Bonnie J-Lowe
    If the message is too long and I am editing it down, the only one that should appear is the one with the proper number of characters in it, or at least that is the way it usually works for any submissions I make else where. On this site, the whole bloody thing gets on, unedited and therefore shows up two thousand times, which is kind of embarrassing really. There is a good shot of the Random passage set there for those who are interested,taken this summer on a beautiful Newfoundland Day!!
  6. by   Bonnie J-Lowe
    Yes, dear baseline, I imagine you did. It is there about twenty times!!*lol* Strange gremlins on this site I tell ya,just must be the shadows of nurses past!!hahahahahaha
  7. by   Bonnie J-Lowe
    This is soooooo embarrassing.I am soooooo glad I have a good photo to redeem myself with.
  8. by   baseline
    Just go back in and edit it by deleting them! LOL. And it is a beautiful picture!!!!

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