Nursing home vs clinic


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I have been working in the nursing home for 19yrs.15 yrs as a nar,and 4 yrs now as a lpn.d/t medical reasons I am unable to go on to school right now.I work as a noc nurse,and I am the only nurse in the building for a 65 bed facility.I have been doing this since the day I took my boards 4 yrs ago.

I get pd less than 18,but more than 17 with shift diff.We are getting more chronically ill,and tcu pts,which is alot more work.I often feel overwhelmed,and feel my license is at risk.I heard the clinic setting is easier.What does the clinic pay for 4 yrs experience?Is this the way to go if I want less stress,and overtime?

I get mandated 12+hour shifts,and alot of overtime d/t more work for the same amt of time I had 2 yrs ago.Anyone else in the same boat.Are all the nursing homes the same way?

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