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Hi I have a few questions if there is anyone to help me. I am currently a CNA and registered phlebotomist and I am almost done with my pre-reqs. If I don't get accepted n my local college for the RN program, should I just try and apply for LPN? My school is small so options are limited. I am a mother of 3 and I don't want to keep waiting and would like to have a backup as time is everything to me. Does anyone know of any good LPN schools near Ocala, Fl? Or should I wait and apply to my local college again if waiting list is full for January 2015? Please help me I don't have anyone to get advice from a just want to know my options!!!


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That's a route some people choose if they can't get into a RN program. It would be smart to look at job listings for LPNs in your area to see if the prospects are good. Also look at salaries- I know that LVNs here in CA make about what I made as a phlebotomist. It wouldn't have been worth the expense of a LVN program. I chose to wait to get into a RN program.