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Yes, I am currently trying to decide where to go for the ADN nursing program. I had attended RCC(asheboro) for their nursing program last fall but had to drop out for personal issues. I felt that the teachers there expected me to know how to be a nurse already and to teach myself, so I have applied to other school besides RCC. I got accepted to GTCC's nursing Day program for this fall 2013. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how their program is and how the teachers are? I want to choose wisely where I go this time around.


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No advice but I was also accepted to fall 2013 program, hope to see you there if you decide to go.


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I noticed where you got accepted for the RN fall program at GTCC - congratulations! My son began the program in January of this year, however, he did not pass an exam (he made 83) with a required grade of 90 or above, so he is out of the program until he can re apply.

He says the instructors are not very organzied.

I am very upset over the fact that he probably did not apply himself as he should have. He has 2 weeks to decide if he will reapply (Jan.2014) or not.



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mgriffin, did your son decide to apply for the program again?


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hello everyone my name is joshua and am currently trying to enroll in the fall 2014 ADN. But I dont know what all I have to do and complete to be accepted into the class. I have a GED that I got in 2007. My compass scores are as follows. Writing=73, Reading=86, Pre-Algebra=31. Now I know that my writing and reading are good but my math score is not. I have also read that I will need a CPR Certificate as well as a Nurses Aide I Certificate. Not sure if this is all true. Any help on the ranking points system and all requirements will be much appreciated. thank you and I am really hoping to get accepted into the nursing program.