Nursing with Gilberts Syndrome?

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Is there anyone who's a nurse with Gilberts Syndrome?

I've searched about this but haven't found any as this doesn't seem to be that common.

My Husband is 29 and hasn't worked for quite some time because he has been paid disability many years, (he's from the Netherlands) recently he got a new job where he'll be working with people with depression and minor mental problems showing them how to navagate computers and such kind of a IT job but will also give him some experience about being caring/compassionate to people who need support and help. He's working 3 days a week right now M/W/F part time trying to get use to doing more.

Anyways he's expressed to me that he would want to look into a nursing education after immigrating to the u.s. I want to be supportive of things he would want to pursue so have helped him do some extra research about requirements etc.

I know it's suppose to be a demanding job, but just wondering if there's anyone out there with a success story.

Any advice or experience would be greatly appriciated =)


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Well, Gilbert's Syndrome is a benign inherited liver condition, so I don't see why he is on disability now, and there is absolutely no reason he couldn't become a nurse.

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This syndrome is generally NOT causative of significant illness or disability and is often diagnosed accidentally. A diagnosis of Gilbert syndrome would not disqualify a person for most professions including nursing.

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