New Grad friendly hospitals?

  1. Hi, I will be graduating from nursing school in May 2012. I was wondering if anyone knew of ANY new-grad friendly hospitals in COMPACT states. I am more than willing to relocate for the right job! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   jpeters84
    Not sure if Idaho is a compact state but St. Luke's in Boise is new grad friendly. Being willing to fly yourself in for an interview but sometimes they will compesate for your travel.
  4. by   doddytime00
    research hospitals that do the Versant Residency for RN's program. My hospital in Nacogdoches, Texas was the first Tenet hospital to offer it, but it is really a great program!! I have been off of my 18 week one-on-one preceptorship for almost 2 months now, and the transition from new grad to new RN was awesome, easy, and very low-stress! They give you classroom days, on floor orientation days, mentorship, looping, and an extra long preceptorship! (don't let a long orientation turn you off!! believe me, you want the longest residency possible!!) it was kind of like nursing school extended... only you are learning pertinent info, not taking tests, and you're getting paid!!! do some research on the program and see what hopsitals you would be interested in. whatever program you go with, make sure you have at least 12 weeks on orientation, and that you feel comfortable with you are working with and the facility!! A Great match means everything!!!
  5. by   optimistic_newgrad
    google NEw Grad RN Programs, Residency, Versant. Start looking at the hospitals listed and look for the application dates, requirements and start dates. Make a list of the hospitals with the application dates. I got a job with UCLA and I start their new grad program in Feb. Apply early, the first day, as soon as the application opens up. Another hospital I had applied to, only looked at the first 500 applicants. Start early, stay organized, and apply early. Some hopsitals let you set up a job profile, which will make the application process easier. Set reminders about the applicaiton dates. I forgot one hopsitals application period and applied the last day. I would go to the hospitals web page and read their mission, values and nursing mission statements, copy and pasted it into a word document. For each hospital I would do this and also include when the application period was, their requirements and program start date.
  6. by   ShantheRN
    UK Hospital systems in Lexington, KY, is new grad friendly. They're expanding and are hiring like crazy. KY is a compact state, too!