Interview next Wednesday for pediatric doctor office

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    I am a new grad RN Dec 2011 with a ADN and then also hold a BA in sociology minor psych. I don't have much work experience but I did babysit for over 10 years. I am in search for a pediatric nursing position. I ended up having an interview for a school nurse position that I should find out about next week, but then I just got a call for a peds doctor office. These are both my ideal jobs. I love kids, and talking to parents believe it or not. Anyways, I was curious if I could have any tips for my interview. I have the outfit, resume, cover letter (some advice here would help, multiple letters of recommendation but not specific to this position. What about questions for the Dr. or the person interviewing me. This interview is set up that I have 30 mins with someone in the office and then an hour working with the Dr. How do I make the best impression I can??? I have over the weekend to study up my peds information. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to study and say to land me this job? All advice is welcome and thank you ahead of time.
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