How to get a job in the E.R. As a new grad?

  1. I am in a BSN nursing program now and I am really interested in working in the E.R. On Thursday I shadowed an instructor of mine who works at the E.R. at NYU. I LOVE the energy and I know I have the attributes and qualities it takes to work there.

    So my question is... A lot of nurses say you need to get experience on a med-surg floor. Do you think this would help for in the future to work in the E.R.? I want to be confident in being an E.R. nurse, so I know it might not be the best decision to try work there straight out of nursing school. A nurse in the E.R. had told me she had the opportunity to get a job right out of nursing school in the ICU so she worked there for 5 years. Do you need experience in the ICU to be an E.R. nurse or vice versa? What steps should I take to get there sooner and prepare myself? (a nurse recommended taking the ACLS and PALS before i try to get a job to better my chances). I'm def interested in being in a setting where it is fast-paced and I will always be learning. Also, is it that hard to get a job in an E.R. everywhere else as it is here in NYC?

    Thank you!!
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