didn't get the job, but had a follow up phone call

  1. So I didn't get a position I applied at a local health department but the medical director called me personally today. He said someone with years of experience got the position. If it wasn't for that, I would get the job. He also asked me if I am interested in another position which they haven't posted on their website. Of course I said yes. But he said it probably will take them 2-3 weeks to write a job description (ahhh...everything is so slow with the government). He will let me know as soon as it's posted. So I asked whether I still have to interview for the new position. He said yes, I have to fill out a new application and do another interview with them. He said he can't promise me anything but he thinks I have an impressive background and I can compete well with other applicants. (what does that mean.....)

    So here is my situation. I already got a job offer from a rural health department (I am still considering whether I want to work there or not. Mainly because I have to move, live in a very very very small town, and the pay is significantly lower. I have to reply to the nursing director by labor day). I have another interview next week with a different health department but it's a part-time position. What should I do right now? Should I wait for them to post the job or should I focus on other jobs I applied. I hate waiting....
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  3. by   GinginRN
    I'm sorry you didn't get the job. It's great to hear there is follow-up with the interview process and encouraging to hear great feedback. Here's to hoping you get the job the medical director mentioned to you during your conversation!
  4. by   sourapril
    Thank you I hope so too.