Can I work in the flu shot clinic and still be qualified as a new grad????

  1. Hi everyone,
    I really REALLY want to get a job in the acute care (as I am sure a lot of us do too). I was just wondering if I get a job (part-time, pier diem) at a flu shot clinic, do I still qualify as a new grad when applying to hospitals?

    I heard that if I get a job some place else besides hospitals, I do not qualify as a new grad and I will not have the acute care experience they are looking for. So I would be stuck. Is that true??? Thanks.
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  3. by   MLB4
    It truly depends on the facility. Everywhere I have seen classifies New Grads differently (i.e. 6mo./1 year experience; x # of time out of school., etc.). Usually for postings for New Grad RNs only, there are specific "criteria" that is used to consider if you are a new grad. I know there are even hospitals that allow "experienced" nurses to go through their new grad programs if they have never held an acute care position. Just call around and ask some of the facilities you are interested in!

    But I definitely don't think it weakens you as a potential candidate to work at a flu clinic while looking for your "hospital" position. I would think it makes you more marketable (shows you are able to work, have responsibility, and you are using skills that are applicable.)