Advise PLEASE: Received email but still waiting for the call

  1. So I applied couple of wks ago for a New RN grad position at a hospital, they emailed me last thursday and said they would be in contact soon....

    How long should I wait? Should I call them at some point?

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  3. by   StillsmilingRN
    O and I just checked and the position has been taken down off their site....
  4. by   perioddrama
    Was this a personalized e-mail you got from them or a standard "We have received your application" type of e-mail? Also, new grad positions get hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for a very, very small number of positions, so it may be a while before calls for interviews are sent out... a month or more.

    If you feel the desire to call HR and ask about your application, by all means.

    You can also try searching on the forum for your hospital to see a general timeline of when calls/notices for interviews are/were sent out after applications were sent in, assuming of course that there was a topic of your hospital's new grad program in the forum.

    Good luck!
  5. by   StillsmilingRN
    Update: I actually waited for the call, they called me 2 days ago! Can you believe "soon" in their email ments a month! But I'm not done there, She told me she had to finish scholarship interviews, then she would call me back to schedule an interview....weird and she said it would be another month before she would be calling me................