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I have fibromyalgia, and I am wondering if this is a fact that I should be sure to keep to myself. I have been in patient care/tech-type positions for 10yrs, and am now in nursing school. I know that I physically am able to be a nurse, as I have been doing similiar work for years. If an employer found out that I have fibromyalgia - would my job be at risk once I become an RN? Are there specific rules/restrictions out there against working with certain health conditions or do hospitals look at each person individually? I hope that it is not "black and white", for example, that you could lose your position based on having a medical condition even if your own physician says you are fit enough and you obviously perform your job well. I remember someone once posting that they hid the fact that they had arthritis for fear of losing their job. Anyone familiar with my situation with advice? SG in CO.


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You can not loose your job because of a medical problem unless your job is immediately affected by it. If for example you were to put pts at risk. To fire you otherwise would be discrimination.

I have severe arthrittis and I have worked steady for 8 years. Infact I have arthrittis so bad in my neck it hurts to have a stethascope on my neck. I am honest when applying for a job; and there have never been questions about.

My cousin has epilepsy and she has worked steady for 10 years. Your medical history may hinder some employers to hire you but you can not loose a job because of it.


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I Have Talked With Some People Who Said That They Were Required To Sign A Waiver And Some Who Could Not Get Insurance Coverage For Preexsisting Condition....let Us Know If You Find Out Anything

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