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Hello everyone,

I am wondering about something -- If I worked as a student nurse extern at a certain hospital, is it more likely for me to get accepted there as a nurse intern? Or it doesn't matter?


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody knows or could help me oout here. I am from germany and go to nursing school over here and we have to do a 3 weeks-internship where we have to work at an ambulance, ER,medical practice etc.. and we can do it in any country. I wanna do it in the states but don't know if it's possible and if the hospitals let me do it, it's like a volunteer.

Does anyone know hopsitals where and how is the best way to get an answer? I'd prefer the NY area &Fairfield county area as I've lived there before.

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Savexpigoo -- for sure! That's why we host externships in the first place - to aid in the recruitment of new grads. If you can impress them, you will have a real advantage when (if) you decide to apply.

Lana312 - kinda hijacked the thread, didn't you? Anyway - you have basically NO CHANCE of being able to do your internship in the US. We have a very litiginous society, and hospitals cannot afford to do anything that will increase potential liability. In order to actually touch patients as a non-licensed person, you would need to either: 1) be an employee of the hospital, or 2) be a student in an academically supervised program working with a clinical instructor. If you managed to pull off option 1, your work would be limited to very basic tasks. You would not be able to 'shadow' or work alongside a licensed employee.


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Is it alot harder to get accepted as an intern if I didn't extern at that certain hospital? Because I was thinking of doing my externship at one place and internship at another; I want to see/experience different places. Also, can you recommend me any good nursing externship sites? I've looked up mayo clinic, johns hopkins, UCLA, NYU medical center so far..I wanna find a place where the nurses are actually willing to teach and friendly



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thx for the quick answer!I'm sorry it seemed to be the right thread to me to ask about it.

Anyway, i thought it would be hard but that it's not possible at any chance:confused:.. i didn't think about it since the midwife students at my school always have the opportunity to do their volunteer, even in the states, the same for the med school students. I already volunteered for a couple weeks at a hopsital when I've lived in CT and it wasn't a problem since I did not get paid and had my insurrance. I was just wondering since I don't live there anymore..

Hm, if I really won't be able to do it over there I'll try the other way and go to an american military hospital here in germany, if it works.

Thx again!

Still, it never hurts to try. I was talking to someone who worked as a medic for an ambulance. He said that they did take volunteers and would provide training. So it is at least something to look into.

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