Nursing Educators please advise on career path.


:redbeathe:nurse:Hello all,I have 2.5 years nursing experience in psych. I would like to obtain employment as a nurse educator in the future.I currently have my BSN. I will pursue my MSN in education the next year. Will I have a difficult road obtaining nursing educator employment with out medsurg experience.

Thank you.

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you may find work as psych nursing educator as this is a specialty and sometimes hard to find faculty able and willing in that specialty. At the same time, your experience greatly limits your abilities in nursing education in general. Good schools will be leery of that. Others may not care, and expect you to teach everything despite your background. I would be leery of those schools because I think that is setting you up for failure. If I were you, I would not agree to take on education in a field for which you have no experience, but only book learning. You will not benefit the students, and they will know it right away and it will be awful for all involved. You will probably do fine in psych education, but need to get some bedside if you plan to have a broader nursing education field.