Wondering if I should consider education as a career???

  1. Ever since I started nursing school, I wanted to become an NP. I graduate with my ADN this coming May and plan to start my BSN right away.

    I had always heard that education "didn't pay much". I came across a news article that had links to every state education employee, and their salary information.

    I was curious...so I randomly pulled up several of the universities (both major and minor) and my jaw about hit the floor. They even had adjunct faculty members that were getting paid $65K per year. Associate professors were making between $75 and 90K a year and the Dean pulled down a staggaring $200K+.

    State employee benefits have always been very good, pensions, health insurance, etc.

    Is there something I am not considering?
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  3. by   llg
    1. The salaries you are quoting are at the high end of the national averages -- unless you are quoting figures for those with several years of experience.

    2. Most universities require a PhD for faculty -- even at the Assistant Professor level (though there are a few exceptions to that). Don't forget to include the time, effort, and cost to you to get that PhD. Positions like "Clinical Instructor," "Instructor," or "Lecturer," might pay a lot less.

    3. Most universities are cutting back on their full time tenure track faculty. They are relying on more part-time and adjunct faculty -- who pick up courses to teach as they are available. Such people (like me) might not get benefits or have any job security.
  4. by   classicdame
    I like Education. It keeps ME educated about nursing trends, products, etc. I work in a hospital, but also adjunct to a university and teach NCLEX review courses and between them all, I made a good living and network with lots of interesting people. I find it to be stimulating. That is what I love about nursing. So flexible.