Will my IBS get in the way?

  1. Hi I am beginning nursing school in the spring but I am a bit nervous. I have irritable bowel syndrome and definitely need to be able to use the ladies room on short notice. I am worried that I made a mistake by going in to nursing. After reading so many posts about what a hurried day nurses have I am worried that my condition will be detriment to my career as a nurse. Some posters make it seem as if they are running around in a big hurry all day. Do any of you have students with IBS and how does this affect their school and their job?
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  3. by   purplemania
    I do and was miserable until I got on Lexapro. It is an SSRI that "calms" the vagus nerve. Therefore, I am less anxious AND have less chance of overreacting. Another thing, even though you will hate this idea, if you wear pampers to clinical you won't worry so much and create a problem just from worrying about it. Are you on Bentyl for cramping? I don't need it anymore, but I keep it around for security. I know several nurses with IBS. Nursing school is stressful, so the condition will be aggravated, but you can have a life.
  4. by   melhope8

    I too have IBS and am applying for the nursing program. I just look at it like this. Yes i'll have to walk out in the middle of something important several times to go. Yes its going to be obvious at times that i'm rushing to the bathroom. However YES after graduation it will all be worth it.

    School is going to suck. Your going to see it all and deal with it all and its not all going to be a perfect 'run to the bathroom' situation. However after graduation you can always work in area's of the hospital where you can take as many bathroom breaks as you want. For example ICU and Critical Care i hear its hard to go to the bathroom. Your running around like a nut. But pediatrics for example is a little more laid back. Maybe a already existing nurse can verify this.

    What always helps me with my IBS is sharing my issue. I usually find a buddy in class and they kind of either figure it out or i end up telling them what my issue is. This helps. Also, always be the one in the BACK of the classroom or the one close to the door. For me this always helps. I know i can sneak out if i have to and just knowing that usually helps he anxiety to go away.

    Good luck to you. I see this post is about 4 years old so i'm hoping to contact you and get a update.