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  1. Just starting to teach Nursing care of the childbearing family and wanting to get some idea's that others are using for papers, projects, etc.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   cnmbfa
    I have them use the AHRQ's Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS) tool to select three recommended screenings for a pregnant woman. They are to write about the what, when, and why of the screening tests, and discuss what consequences there might be for the mother/fetus/newborn if it is not done. They also briefly describe the level of evidence behind each recommendation.

    For PP Moms they add a discussion of the recommended immunizations to their care plan/concept maps. For NBs, they are required to discuss the 3 screening tests (hearing, NB screen, bili level), what they mean, etc. and are required to identify 4 things parents must be taught to keep their NB healthy and safe. This is added to the care plan.

    We greatly improved their baseline knowledge of NB assessment by requiring that each of them had to create and bring to clinical their own NB assessment tool, to which they add the relevant Gordon's functional health patterns for NBs. They are also required to select an assessment tool they will use to assess BF, and answer a series of questions about BF. This halts the "I didn't know I was responsible for making sure the baby got fed." nonsense.

    They each present a 15-minute topic in post conference. They are required to bring in at least one evidence-based article and their lit search, along with a content outline, objectives, and description of how they will evaluate their peer's learning.