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  1. Hello,

    I am completing my masters program for nursing education. For an assignment this semester we have to create and implement a teaching plan. The topic I am teaching on is uncomplicated labor and delivery to a group of ADN students that are in their second semester. I have a two hour time frame. I am really looking forward to it, since I love OB.

    I am looking for help.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for teaching labor and delivery? I will be doing some lecture with power point. I will also have the simulation model Noelle, to do some demonstration.

    Has anyone out there included any other strategies for teaching this particular topic?

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   MomBabyUnitRN
    Hi Rhonda.

    I work in L/D part time. I remember when I first started working there, we'd use oranges (baby's head) to apply fetal scalp leads. That orange would be in a box of course. And it would be held there by the instructors hand. That was useful.

    We can guess hemorrhage(water and red jello) amts on blue pads. There are four different stations of hemorrhaged blue pads. Guess in mL's how much blood she's lost. We weigh pads if needed on our floor.

    Do a strip review of a a few different types of strips. Decels, variables, accels, ones of varioius variability and contractions.

    Does that help?
  4. by   A&Ox6
    At my L&D clinical, on a quiet day, the charge nurse who teaches clinicals for another school demonstrated the stages of labor and delivery using a pelvis model and a stuffed animal. We were able to see from the inside presentation, engagement, descent as well as the movements of delivery. We could also manipulate the doll to represent issues that occur.