Students' Gifts: Validation or Appreciation

  1. i teach psych nursing clinical
    and like to stay
    on top of my game
    so i am open to suggestions
    and recommendations
    from colleagues and students
    to keep me on-point.

    in the past,
    i've always received from students
    thank-you cards, etc
    that stated their appreciation
    of the learning experience

    except this past spring semester...

    i taught three clinical groups
    two at one school
    one at another
    and only received
    a formal thank-you
    from one of the clinical groups.

    mind you,
    i am not saying
    that the gifts reflect
    my expertise
    as a clinical instructor
    but sometimes
    i wonder...

    what do you think?

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  3. by   VickyRN
    I have been doing this now for almost 7 years. Sometimes a clinical group will give me a thank you card or a little gift, sometimes not. I don't let this sway me one way or the other. I always do my best and realize that the only affirmation I need is the satisfaction in seeing my students grow and succeed over the course of the semester. Some students have so much on their minds (overwhelmed at the end of semester) that they don't even think to get their clinical instructor a thank you card. And in terms of gifts, many students think it is against school policy. Also, many students are struggling financially in today's harsh economic climate.
  4. by   Goodoldnurse
    I sometimes will get a "thank you" but so many times they are so consumed with a final exam or the end of the semester that they are just relieved the clinical experience is over! I do clinicals, lecture and coordinate their final year at the college where I teach. So, the comments I hear in the hall warm my heart!!