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  1. Hello...I am an RN with over 10 years nursing experience. I am currently working on my BSN via internet from a great 4 year University. A co-worker found out I was doing this and signed up to do the same. She is in one of the same classes I am in on-line HOWEVER she has not once been on the site. She says she keeps emailing the instructor stating she has had family emergencies, illnesses, and computer problems, thus not being able to do her work. If this were actually true, I wouldn't have an issue. However, it is not.

    She says the instructor is giving her "extra time" to complete her assignments. I have been working my hiney off, as in 50+ hours watching the assignments, reading, note taking, etc., and if she passes this class, even with a C I am going to be a bit upset. She doesn't care to get anything but a C in any class, stating "A BSN is a BSN, they don't have A+ BSN or C- BSN behind your name)...

    I don't want to be a tattle-tale, but this honestly makes me ill. Or should I just say to myself, "NONE of your business" and let it drop. I have stopped speaking of school issues at work, and when she asks me to give her info for assignments, I just tell her to do it herself, as I did.

    How should I handle this? --A concerned student completing my BSN
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  3. by   renerian
    Knowing myself, I would inclined to talk to my friend about it and not the professor......

    The first of many times I am sure you will see this.....

  4. by   ADS RN
    I also am a not so new .n. My supervisor has requested that I take a Nursing Skills Review on-line. A friend of hers did it when her daughter was in nursing coming home with things that had changed. She said she really enjoyed it but can't remember where she took it. If any knows of such a on-line course I'd really appreciate hearing from you.
  5. by   sharann
    I take online as well. I am not an instuctor though and my general feeling tells me that in your situation I would keep my nose out of it. It will catch up to her eventually. When she gets into the hard core stuff her "emergencies"wont fly anymore.
    Enjoy school!