PI in Staff Development Programs

  1. I'd like to hear from Staff Development Nurses . . . How do you incorporate Performance Improvement (PI) data into your staff development programs? What types of data do you collect and metric?
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    If your talking about PI for your educational programs, you have to look at retention at a time down the road that you determine, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, whatever.

    I keep time of meeting and attendence and have them graphed so I can prove what times and days of week get best attendence. I also have MD input on their perception of any changes in care. I also used the complience data from the PI department to direct my programs. i.e. if complience was down, I'd provide just in time training and then program in a recheck.
  4. by   llg
    Also ... we use PI data to identify practice problems, then use similar data collected after our educational intervention to indicate whether or not the education helped to improve the practice. The immediate course evaluation tells whether or not the staff liked the class and learned the material. The PI data tells us whether or not they actually changed their practice.

    We then use that "pre- and post-" data to show our worth to the organization.
  5. by   lcprnc
    Thank you, CraigB and llg! What's challenging for me is that I am in charge of the whole organization's education. The hospital where I work does not have unit-based educators so verification of competencies are usually done by the respective managers. In other words, I would do orientation in the classroom, teach an overview of the National Patient Safety Goals and how we address those elements, the documentation & policies. It also incorporates other topics like infection control, fire safety, etc. Besides teaching IV classes, BLS, etc. for all nurses, the unit-specific orientation and competencies are done by the unit managers. Unless there is an issue or need to re-inservice/re-educate, that's when they'd notify me. it is difficult to monitor and trend performance as far as I am (my dept is) concerned. I am involved when there is an educational need, for example if core measure scores are low, but otherwise, it is difficult to say that the scores went up only because I re-educated the nurses. So, I have been mulling over the question of, "What data can I collect and trend to show that my educational interventions influenced performance improvement?"