OBE, PBL & CBE Nursing Curriculums.

  1. Am looking for info on these curriculums. The implementation in Nursing Colleges, the problems, etc. Also patient/client cases to use for PBL. Actually any info - as this is a new idea in Nursing Education in South Africa. Awaiting your replies.
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  3. by   seven
    ....i'm curious...your post came up when i did i search on PBL/CBL, and since it has been almost a year since you started investigating such methods, i am wondering what, if any, conclusions you might have come to.....i am a 2nd year nsg student (BScN) in a Canadian CBL program...actually, not for much longer as i am transferring out of the insanity....i have grave concerns about this method of teaching and am looking for some other views, similar or not....

  4. by   pmchap
    Shall we raise from the dead the PBL/CBL question - who was been involved - what did you find?
  5. by   eyak
    Im from the Philippines and our University is actively involved in the promulgation of the use of PBL in Nursing Education. Our students have become more developed in their cognition. They are moulded to become self-directed and use critical thinking in dealing with the paper problems. The problem we have now is the deficiency of the school from PBL-trained Clinical Instructors. Every semester we face a fast turn-over. New faculty are coming in. It takes time to developed facilitation skills . More trainings are also deemed necessary to create funtioning and updated paper problems geared towards meeting the learning objectives of the Nursing Subjects.
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