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    Dear Colleagues

    Informatics knowledge and skills are necessary for the next generation of nurse to practice. Both AACN and NLN recognize the importance of informatics in nursing curriculum. Informatics is a core essential for DNP programs and has also been incorporated in the newly revised baccalaureate Essentials draft. The recent NLN Position Statement on Preparing the Next Generation of Nurses to Practice in a Technology-Rich Environment ( calls upon educators to increase their knowledge of informatics and begin the integration of informatics concepts, knowledge and skills into nursing programs at all levels.

    To help meet these requirements, the University of Colorado Denver is offering a 3 credit, online, graduate level course entitled NURS6836: Foundations of Health Care Informatics. This course focuses on core concepts, skills and tools that define the informatics field, including the examination of health information technologies to promote safety, improvement of quality and fostering consumer centered care and efficiency.

    The learning activities and outcome assessments are designed to allow nurse educators to create content and learning activities that can be incorporated into their nursing curriculum. The course is available entirely online

    This course is offered as a one of the courses in the new online Nurse Educator Certificate in Health Care Informatics. The Nurse Educator Certificate in Health Care Informatics is a 9 credit certificate program offered through the Office of Professional Development. In addition to this introductory course, students will choose two additional specialty courses from a wide variety of informatics courses offered at the graduate level. For more information please contact: The entire certificate is available online.

    The course begins January 20, 2009 and ends May 10, 2009
    For more information or questions, please contact

    To register, please complete the non-degree application and registration forms online at
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    Thank you for this excellent information I may want to take this course to apply as an elective towards my doctorate.